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Greetings Fellow BHEADS -

Right off the bat, I wanted to say thank you to Mark for all the work you put into this and for making it available for free.  Unfortunately, I am not able to donate  at the moment, but I will once I'm a place to do so.  Either way, thanks so much.

I am fairly new to MIDI and I am getting frustrated and elated as I learn more and more about this wonderful tool and really appreciate the communities, like this one, that exist to help people like me and to continue to expand our over all knowledge.

Here's what I'm working with:

BCR2k & Yamaha RS7K

I am just curious if it's possible to group encoders with a specific key beyond the built-in 4 Encoder Groups.  As I said, I am really new to MIDI, so I don't know if the built-in Encoder Groups is a Hardware thing or if it's just programming.

Well, that's about if for now.

Thanks again and have a great day,


PS :  Don't worry about that person who commented on losing all their presets.   Feel bad for him, but your manual is very specific in preventing something such as this from happening.



Mark van den Berg
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Hi Jerry,

If you're new to both MIDI and the BCR2000 (not to mention BC Manager...), I can well imagine that you find it all a bit overwhelming. Perhaps the best way to go about it, is to concentrate on MIDI first: first get to understand in some detail what MIDI can do, and only then turn to the (often somewhat peculiar) capabilities of the BCR.

The four encoder groups are defined in the BCR's firmware, Behringer's machine code present in the BCR's EEPROM chip. The firmware can be changed (via MIDI in fact), so in theory someone could develop firmware defining a different number of encoder groups; however, that would be a hell of a job, so in practice we're stuck with Behringer's implementation.

So BC Manager only works with what the BCR offers: in each of the 32 presets you can lower the number of encoder groups that can be selected via the ENCODER GROUPS buttons. The only (minor) advantage of this is that it frees up one or more of the four ENCODER GROUPS buttons to be defined as normal buttons.

The encoder groups don't have much to do with MIDI. Regrettably, you can't even send a MIDI command to the BCR to select a specific encoder group: the only way  to do so is to press the corresponding button on the "ENCODER GROUPS" panel.

I hope this answers your question.

Good luck!