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Food controller input



I use the foot swithc as a footbutton and this works great but also I like to use the foot controler jack input on the back off a BCF 2000 to contol a extra midi CC channel . but i only get it on and off by conecting the stereo plug send and tip with a switch.

Do enyone know what i have to do the make it work as a fader ?

i have try withe a potmeter from 10K but no result.


Regards Vincent

Mark van den Berg
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If I remember correctly, I've encountered roughly similar problems connecting my Roland EV-5 foot pedal.
But it was many years ago and I can't remember the full details.
In any case, the EV-5 has a small wheel that allows you to limit the MIDI range via a small wheel, but IIRC the BCF doesn't handle this very well, often resulting in undesired ranges.
I think I concluded from my problems that the BCF expects a particular Behringer potmeter, which has a somewhat different resistance range than the EV-5, so that the BCF's foot controller doesn't always initialize its output range to the MIDI data range you expect.
So perhaps this is why you've had problems with your potmeter too. So you might try a potmeter with a different value.

A totally different issue: does it make a difference whether the foot controller's Sync parameter is set to Move or Pickup?
See section 18.3 of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf.
(In BC Manager you can set this parameter via the General tab of fader 9's dialog box.)

Hope this helps,