Firmware update from 1.04to1.10 on mac os/win10 fails

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Firmware update from 1.04to1.10 on mac os/win10 fails

Looking for advise on how to upadte the frimwRe of my BCR 2000 from 1.04 to 1.10. I downloaded midiox , bc managr and the behringer frimware tool and the sysex for 1.10.  The BCR with 1.04 is not recognised by my mac or win 10 computers. So the frimware can not be loaded to it.  What cani do to make it work?usb cable is ok. Usb ports are ok.  It is a win10/mac os issue i guess?  How to get the br with 1.04 recognised?...any advise is highly appreciated.

Mark van den Berg
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The BCR with 1.04 is not recognised by my mac or win 10 computers. [...] usb cable is ok. Usb ports are ok.

Considering that both macOS and Windows don't recognize your BCR, it doesn't seem likely that these operating systems' USB drivers for the BCR are to blame. It seems more likely that the BCR's operating mode is incorrect, or that there is a problem with the USB cable, or that the BCR's USB controller is defective.

You say that the "USB ports are OK", but what exactly do you mean by this? How have you established this?

Which operating mode is your BCR in?
A BCR can only receive/transmit data from/to the computer via the USB cable if the operating mode of the BCR has been set to a "U" mode (U-1/2/3/4), not to an "S" mode (S-1/2/3/4). ("U-1" is best at this stage.)
You can set the operating mode via the BCR's "Global Setup" mode, which you enter by holding the EDIT key, then pressing the STORE key: the display should say "EG". Then press push encoder 1 (the top-left one) to see the current value of the operating mode; rotate the push encoder to change the value to "U-1".
Finally press EXIT to leave Global Setup mode: the BCR's "USB MODE" LED (the rightmost of the 6 mini-LEDs) should then turn green.

Hope this helps,

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Hello mark, thnx for the reply. In am aware of the u 1-4 mode and s 1-4 mode. I already had two bcr and two bcf units. One has v1.10 and the other three have v 1.07 installed. 
Now as an addition to these four I acquired aa extra bcr and bcf unit so that makes six in total. Sadly on the new set both the bcr and the bcf have v 1.04  on it. 
the units with firmware v 1.07 and 1.10 are recognised over usb on my two mac laptops and on my windows 10 laptop and on my mac pro with hisierra and on my windows 10 desktop machine. I tried all usb ports both usb 3 and usb 2. Detached all other usb units. Changed cables.

i understand it has to do with "usb class compliancy" which is not suppoted on later operatin systems. 
i was thinking that a solution would be to find a win95 98 or xp machine and dump the v1.10 using midi ox or bc manager to the units. I was thinking that then the units become compatible again with win 10 and high sierra......but maybe i am overlooking something?

Mark van den Berg
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Considering that 1.07 and 1.10 do work, the problem must indeed be that the macOS and Windows 10 drivers can't work with the BCF/BCR's 1.04 firmware.
In theory you could try to upload new firmware from Windows XP or so, but there is a much simpler solution: you can upgrade the firmware via standard MIDI cables connected to an "intermediate" MIDI-to-USB device.
You can even use a BCF/BCR with firmware 1.07/1.10 as intermediary:

  1. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT A of the intermediary BCF/BCR (with 1.07/1.10) to the MIDI IN of the BCF/BCR with 1.04.
  2. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT A of the BCF/BCR with 1.04 to the MIDI IN of the intermediary BCF/BCR.
  3. Connect the USB cable of the intermediary BCF/BCR to the computer.
  4. (It's probably best to leave the USB cable of the BCF/BCR with 1.04 unconnected.)
  5. Switch on the intermediary BCF/BCR and set its operating mode to U-3.
  6. Switch on the BCF/BCR with 1.04 and set its operating mode to S-4.

Then start BC Manager and do as follows:

  1. From the main window, open the Options -> "MIDI devices" dialog box, and enable only the input and output ports of the intermediary BCF/BCR that connect to the BCF/BCR with the 1.04 firmware, namely the input and output ports called something like "BCF/R2000 port 2". (The input/output ports called "... port 1" refer to the intermediary BCF/BCR itself, so you should definitely not enable those.)
  2. From the B-Controls window, perform MIDI -> "Detect B-Controls". You BCF/BCR with firmware 1.04 should now appear in the table, with the Personality column saying "B-Control" and the Firmware column "BCF/R2000 1.04". (If I remember correctly, the BCF's firmware 1.04 didn't have the emulation modes yet, so you shouldn't see any emulation mode under Personality.)

If the BCF/BCR with firmware 1.04 is indeed listed in the B-Controls window, you're in business, and you can upload new firmware to this device.
However, I would appreciate it very much if you first download the 1.04 firmwares from your BCF and BCR and send them to me. (I'm a bit of a BCF/BCR firmware collector, and these will help me if I ever get down to improving the firmware.)
Here's how:

  1. Download and
  2. In the main window of BC Manager, open View -> MIDI -> "Input messages (general)".
  3. In the "MIDI input messages" window, press "Record".
  4. In the main window, open View -> MIDI -> "System Exclusive messages".
  5. In the "MIDI System Exclusive messages" window, set "Output device" to the device to which the BCF/BCR with 1.04 is connected. ("Input device" doesn't matter.)
  6. Important: "Delay/messages (ms)" should be at least 100 (this is the default). (With a shorter delay, the BCF/BCR might not be able to keep up, so you might not get all the required firmware messages back.)
  7. Open BCF_Get_Firmware.syx or BCR_Get_Firmware.syx (as appropriate) via File -> Insert. This should lead to a list of exactly 272 SysEx messages, each consisting of 10 bytes.
  8. Select (highlight) all 272 messages via Edit -> "Select all" (or by pressing the blue/white "hamburger" icon on the toolbar).
  9. Press the Play button and wait until the "Sending selected message(s)" dialog box closes.
  10. The "MIDI input messages" window should now have received exactly 272 messages, each of length 304. Select all 272 received messages via Edit -> "Select all", then execute File -> "Save system exclusive messages" to e.g. "BCF104.syx" or "BCR104.syx".
  11. Verify that the output file has a size of exactly 82,688 bytes.
  12. Send these files to the "info" account at this website as attachments.

You can upload new firmware to a BCF/BCR from BC Manager's B-Controls window via "MIDI -> Maintenance -> Send firmware".
But before you do, please read the instructions and warnings under "MIDI -> Maintenance -> Send firmware" in section 10 of the BC Manager manual.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Good luck!

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Wow Mark, such fantastic help😊very much appreciated. Will dive into it next week. I ll keep you posted about the progress. Have a great weeknd.