Feedback problem when using BCR2000 with Mainstage

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Feedback problem when using BCR2000 with Mainstage

I am attempting to use my BCR2000 with Mainstage 3 and all is fine in
terms of assigning hardware encoders etc to the software. When it comes
to getting any settings from Mainstage to feedback to the BCR (for
example if I use the mouse/trackpad to turn a knob or open a new patch)
feedback to the BCR is provided as long as I make the appropriate
setting in the "send value to" drop down menu. Unfortunately, using this
setting then seems to create what I can only assume is a MIDI feedback
problem and the encoders struggle to function correctly when turning
them clockwise (anti-clockwise seems to be fine). Is there any way I can use BC Manager
to prevent this feedback issue, perhaps by un-merging the data
returning to the BCR and filtering out anything that would cause this
kind of conflict? Please excuse my lack of knowledge of this software and it's functions and features. I'm looking everywhere for solutions and came across this website... hopefully, someone may be able to help?

Thank you


Mark van den Berg
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BC Manager doesn't act as a filter in a live situation, so it can't help you in that manner.
However, BC Manager can configure a BCR2000, so perhaps it can help you set up your BCR in such a way that your problem doesn't happen.

But I don't know how Mainstage works with the BCR2000. Does Mainstage itself configure the "temporary preset" on the BCR2000 (as e.g. Propellerhead Reason and (IIRC) Ableton Live do) or are you using your own preset?

It seems vital to find out which MIDI messages are being sent; so maybe you can make a setup in which you can monitor these messages (e.g. in BC Manager or MIDI Tools), possibly routing the signal through a virtual MIDI device (unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with OS X to tell you how this is done most easily).