FCB1010 & Ableton Live

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FCB1010 & Ableton Live

Hello everyone,

to work with Ableton Live the FCB1010 must send Midi notes and not CC messages. Is there an easy way to do this with the FCB1010 Manager ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Mark van den Berg
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Every FCB1010 preset has a "NOTE function", and in FCB1010 Manager you can define these in several ways:

  • Option 1: In the "Presets" window, select (highlight) the desired preset, then in the "Preset (bank number):(pedal number)" window enable the "NOTE" checkbox and set the desired note number.
  • Option 2: In the "Presets" window, select (highlight) one or more presets, then execute NOTE from the Enable menu, and finally set the desired note value(s), either via Fix -> NOTE or Increment -> NOTE. In the latter case, the note numbers of the selected presets receive incremental numbers, e.g. if the first one becomes 60, the second becomes 61, the third 62, etc.

Pressing an FCB1010 pedal thus defined makes the FCB1010 output a Note On message with velocity 100 for the defined note number, and releasing the pedal makes it output a Note On message with velocity 0 for the same note number.

However, if the FCB1010's ROM chip is version 2.5, there is a complication:
If the global Direct Select setting is off, a pedal with CNT 1 off and NOTE on doesn't just send the Note On messages as described above: pressing the pedal for the second time makes the FCB1010 also send a Control Change message, indicating the "tapped tempo", as described in section 2.6 of the official FCB1010 manual.
In other words, an FCB1010 with a ROM chip version 2.5 and Direct Select off cannot send Note On messages without also sending Control Change messages: either CNT 1's "regular" Control Change messages (if CNT 1 is on), or the "tap tempo" messages (if CNT 1 is off). So you'll have to make sure these Control Change messages are harmless to the receiving device (in your case Ableton Live).

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your response Mark, I'll try this and keep you posted.

philippe sourrouille
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Bonjour je suis francais , , je n'arrive pas faire reconnaitre le midiremote script FCB1020 dans mon portable 64 bits équipé de windows 10 , il n'apparait pas en entrée et en sortie

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The CONFIG green light does not blink when I try to send my general configuration from the FCB1010nManager to the controller. My USB to MIDI seems to be compatible (Teninyu). The View Midi input/output show nothing but a black rectangle. SO i don't know what to do. IN ableton nothing happens in Midi setup mode. the FCB1010 is not recognized. Can you help me?