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How do I switch effects in the eleven rack and the TC Electronic G-Major separately? I can control the fx and patches on the eleven rack but not the fx in the G major. I want if I push effect 1 = distortion, assign patch 1 on the G major. Any effect I stored on #1. Idem on #2, 3 etc... I can do that if I turn the fxloop on and of but that's dubble tapdancing. 

Mark van den Berg
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I'm sorry, but I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about here. What is "the eleven rack", and what is "the TC Electronic G-Mayor"?
You've posted this topic in the MIDI Tools forum, but your question seems to have nothing to do with the MIDI Tools application.
If your question indeed concerns the FCB1010 (as the title of your topic says), you should have posted this topic in the FCB1010 forum. (If so, I can simply move this topic to that forum.) But as yet I don't understand how your question relates to the FCB1010 either, so you'll have to provide more background information anyway.