Fb - 01 (yamaha 4 op fm synth) sysex - bcr 2000 help

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Fb - 01 (yamaha 4 op fm synth) sysex - bcr 2000 help

Hi Royce. Happy New Year.

Firstly i have to say that I do appreciate your work to uncover all the secrets of the bcr 2000.
Of course you’re aware that your excellent TQ 5 editor (and the tx 81z one, included in the bcr files section of this site) is not working with fb 01 (actually the overall output level and the overall portamento rate work)

I also read your previous posts (some years ago) in the forum in a similar thread.

My question is slightly simpler than what the other fb 01 user was asking at that time,  but still it’s similar since it’s about sysex parameter data.

Since the fb-01 has such a compressed sysex data format for the voice parameters (i guess you’ve already seen the service manual which includes the sysex tables), and some important values share the same parameter nr.,
I would like to know if you can suggest of a way to use the detune parameter (for example - but also because it’s a very important parameter for fm synthesis) without zeroing or altering the frequency parameter (also a very important one), by just using a couple of buttons (or an encoder) dedicated to each operator’s detune parameter.

For the time being i’m using the frequency parameter and i keep the detune to zero. For the freq. i use “val” folowed by a couple of 00 bytes ( lsb ——> msb, 00 for detune and 00 for keyboard scaling).


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Hi Ted

There a couple of thing that can't be done within the BCR/BCF and one of them is packed data (negative values can 'sort of ' be done but not completely) . This why I wrote the 'man in the middle' programs on my web site - as in my TQ5 program - to do it. You need to have somewhere that knows both of the values and can put them together.

The 7 bit byte is abbbcccc bits - a- 1bit Keyboard scaling - 3bits bbb = Frequency - cccc= Fine tune makes an eight bit data byte so the sysex divides the data into two 4 bit nibbles.

So you could have two encoders with the two vals, but I can't see a way to combine the two and send out a single sysex message

With the large number of cheap microcontrollers around (Arduino for example), it would be straight forward to just send CC messages from the BCR to the man in the middle device to convert it to the correct sysex message.

Best of luck



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Thanks Royce. Indeed there are plenty of editors or midi translator software programs (and not so cheap standalone devices) to work with synths. Since bcr doesn’t do it as a standalone i think i will go that route.

Thanks for the input anyways