'Faulty' BCR2000

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'Faulty' BCR2000

I've just bought a BCR2000 from eBay and I should've expected it not to work after reading the unbelievably negative comments from a multitude of users. It wasn't listed as being faulty but is was. Being a techie in my former years, I decided to open it up and have a look. I was clearly not the first person to venture inside as plastic lugs were missing and the screws were far from pristine. All seemed okay but I checked all connections and reseated the firmware eprom/rom. Powering up again I noticed a different set of problems and this pattern continued every time I twiddled with connections. Always the problems were in the top panel with knobs and buttons randomly deciding to work or not. I decided to replace all the ribbon cables/headers and did so without desoldering the circuit board end. The latter would have probably resulted in 'bricking' the whole thing. At the circuit board end I manually made the connections with the board in situ, this wasn't easy because of the amount of force required to make the IDC pins penetrate the cable on an individual basis. And guess what - the device worked perfectly (first time) once I'd completed the job and powered up. Is this the root problem with upper panel problems or problems in general with the BCR2000? 

Mark van den Berg
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My experience with electronic tinkering is much more limited than yours, so I can't comment authoritatively on the quality of the BCR's electronical hardware.
All I can say is that from what I remember (I last opened my BCR years ago...), the internal electronic hardware didn't strike me as particularly bad compared to other devices.
And I can't remember many (if any) people having problems of the kind you're describing. Most problems seem to stem from rough physical treatment: for obvious reasons, broken encoders are very "popular".
Around 2007-2010 there were several reports (including by me!) about faulty USB controllers (actually part of the CPU), as discussed in question 39 in the FAQ section of the BC Manager manual.

Anyway, it sounds like you've done a terrific job saving this particular BCR2000 from the scrapheap!