Extra midi output BCR2000

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Extra midi output BCR2000


We are using the BCR2000 with BCManager under Wine and Jack ( in Linux) - works just fine.

We are wondering: why do we see 2 MIDI outputs (and 3 MIDI inputs for the BCR2000 for that matter)?

The outputs of the BCR are :

  • BCR2000/Midi_playback_1 gives the normal midi output
  • BCR2000/Midi_playback_2 does nothing.

What is the meaning of this extra Midi output?


Mark van den Berg
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Which MIDI I/O ports are available on a BCR2000 depends on its Operating Mode (U-1/2/3/4, S-1/2/3/4).
Please consult Behringer's official BCF/R2000 manual for the routing graphs of these modes, and in-depth discussion.
(BC Manager's "Global setups" window also shows routing graphs.)

In U-1/2/3/4 the first input port and the first output port communicate with the BCR itself.
Any other ports relate to the BCR's "real" MIDI I/O sockets.

If I remember correctly, the MIDI driver of OS X (at least Mavericks) sometimes creates ports that aren't really there.
For instance, the driver may give you three input and three output ports in U-3, even though the BCR only has two input ports in this situation (one for the BCR itself, one for its MIDI input socket). So it seems that the driver creates the third (phantom) input port here because of the third (real) output port.
This behavior is clearly the driver's fault. (BC Manager has got nothing to do with this: it simply uses the I/O devices made available by the operating system.)
So perhaps Wine's driver has similar problems?
Try different Operating Modes for the BCR and see what you get in each case.

Hope this helps,