error with receive data from FCB1010

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error with receive data from FCB1010


J'ai systématiquement ce message d'erreur qui ne me permet pas d'utiliser le soft. Je suis sur mac osx high sierra 10.13.6.

' Error midi sysex input message too long for buffer '

merci pour votre aide


Mark van den Berg
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The FCB1010's setup message is a single SysEx (MIDI System Exclusive) message consisting of 2352 bytes, which is extremely long, and can therefore easily give rise to problems.

The specification of the MIDI input driver of macOS says that this MIDI input driver "normally" offers any long SysEx message to an application (such as FCB1010 Manager) as a sequence of buffers of maximally 256 bytes each.
Accordingly, FCB1010 Manager expects to receive the FCB1010's setup message as a sequence of 10 buffers (9 x 256 + 1 x 48 = 2352).
However, when FCB1010 Manager receives a buffer that is longer than 256 bytes, it produces the error you've mentioned: "MIDI SysEx input message too long for buffer".
So this is what is happening to you, but the question is why.
The cause might be interference from some other MIDI device. Perhaps a MIDI Thru loop involving your MIDI interface?
Have you read the section "A few pitfalls" in the FCB1010 Manager manual concerning "MIDI -> Receive" (page 14)?

I'm hoping to release a new version of FCB1010 Manager in a few days.
In this version the error message mentions the actual length of the buffer that is too long, so that might tell us something.
I've also changed some other things in the MIDI input routine, so there's a (small) chance that this will fix your problem.
If not, we'll think of something else.


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First thanks for the software!

I have the same error message with the latest version of this utility. Dont know if this is usefull information but I can see the message in midi monitor. There it has the expected length of 2352. I am using the midi in on my focusrite soundcard on macos 10.12.6. I am happy to provide more information.

Kind regards,