Error Message When Starting BC Manager

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Error Message When Starting BC Manager


I recently purchased a BCF2000 and was thrilled that there is MAC software to help program the device. I downloaded the latest verision of B-Control today but continually get the following error when starting the program:

Connect to failed.
Address: 002d2793

The program then quits when I click on OK.

Any idea how I can resolve this issue?

Thanks so much!

Knoxville, TN


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I've disabled my firewall but still cannot get past the error message.

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Solved. I dug through the forum and found that the problem is when checking for a new version. I've reset my config files and disabled automatic version checking and its working now.

Mark van den Berg
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Thanks for reporting these problems (which others had already reported for FCB1010 Manager): this finally made me investigate the update checking mechanism used in all the macOS editions of my applications.

I've now released a new version of BC Manager for macOS.
This should allow you to re-enable the automatic update checking mechanism, at least if you're on Mavericks or later.
See comment #8 in this topic in the FCB1010 forum for full discussion.

Apologies for not replying sooner and thereby making you suffer unnecessarily long, but it took me two full days to figure out what was wrong and to come up with a solution...