Encoder rotary knob question for BCR2000

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Encoder rotary knob question for BCR2000

Hello!  I'm a n00b, but am reading through the BC Manager and MIDI implementation manual as I have time to try to better grasp programming the BCR2000 for use as a MIDI control surface for Cubase/Nuendo.

I've programmed a knob with a custom output that looks like the following:

ifp $99 $0C $64 ifn $99 $0D $64

This works great for something like select previous or next event inside of my DAW.  But -- I'm wondering if there could be a way to setup a knob to do different playback speeds.  So the knob defaults to a value and if you turn the knob to the right a little, it outputs $0C (triggers 1/8x playback forward), when you hit the next range to the right it ouputs $0D (triggers 2x playback forward), and when you turn the knob back to the default value (or within a range) it turns off.

When you turn the knob to the left from the default value it outputs $0E (triggers 1/3x playback reverse), when you hit the next range to the left it outputs $0F (tiggers 2x playback reverse).

Is something like this possible with an encoder?  If I understand correctly, this would require the encoder to send different 'note off' messages for different ranges of values depending on how far you turn the knob and having a default range in the middle that stops playback.

I'll keep looking in the manual as I realize that is where greater understanding will (hopefully) come from but I thought if someone knows whether or not this is even possible -- it may save me time in how I approach programming this unit and what it can do.  Thanks in advance.

Mark van den Berg
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Of course, to assign $0C, $0D, $0E and $0F to an encoder sequentially is easy: all you have to do is set the arguments of the ".minmax" statement (Value1 and Value2) to $0C and $0F, and put "val" in the appropriate ".tx" statement. You can then associate the desired amount of rotation with this range via a ".resolution" statement (in this case you probably want a low value); see section 17.3 of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf.

However, I can't immediately see how you would set up an encoder to output these values in the order you're suggesting: $0F $0E ...(??) $0C $0D.

I've looked at the BCR's "rel..." and "ntimes" facilities (cf. BCMI sections 14.6.2/5), but if I understand things correctly, these can't do what you want, but you might want to look at those yourself anyway.

I don't know how many different playback speeds Cubase/Nuendo defines, but can't you simply hard-code each playback speed under a particular button? Yes, this will cost you quite a few buttons, but the BCR does have a lot of them: each preset has four encoder groups, each of which allows you to define eight separate "buttons" via the "push" functions of the BCR's push encoders.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you!  I appreciate the help.  That gives me some new ideas. smiley