Enabling LEDs encircling encoders as VU meters

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Enabling LEDs encircling encoders as VU meters

In Mackie (MCU) mode, the BCF2000 connected to an XR12 displays volume on a channel with the LEDs encircling the rotary encoders.

Most of the LED VU displays seem to be pre-fader, but the Mains LR is post fader. I am customizing the BCF2000 using BC Manager, but am stumped on what I am looking for that is updating the LEDs so that I may include this highly appreciated feature. The MIDI chart here in the Behringer Wiki doesn't seem to include the behaviour of the LEDs.

What should I be looking for in MIDI command streams that are constantly updating the LEDs? 

Thanks for feedback. Mark@7tronics


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Hi Mark,
sadly there is no inedependent control of the LEDs.
They only display the value of the encoder.
You would have to give up the use of the encoder, but if you set it for .easypar CC you could just send a CC message to change the LED.


All the best