Custom Output Switch from BCR2000 to Logic?

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Custom Output Switch from BCR2000 to Logic?

i'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out. I'm trying to send a custom message from BCR2000 into a plugin in Logic Pro:


The message I'm trying to send is a little bit weird but basically the plugin requires a Low value (say cc#1, 0) followed by a high value (say cc#1, 127). That series of events will turn the plugin "on", and would require one push of a button on the BCR2000



Then, in order to turn the plugin "off", i'll want to use the same button again on the BCR2000 but this time around i'll want to send a high value followed by a low value (say cc#1, 127, followed by cc#1, 1)...this is basically the opposite sequence of events as the above "low/high" event. 


I'm hoping that someone who knows a little bit more about the MIDI standard might be able to shine some light on this type of MIDI message; is anyone familiar with it? and specifically I'm  hoping that someone here might know how how to programme such a series of events within BCMAN? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks,



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There are a couple of ways to do it.

The BC will allow you to use their standard front panel programming 'easypar' to send one CC message and you can use 'tx' to send the other.

But the easiest way would be to use 'tx' to send both messages.

The hard part is getting the separate message values.

The BC uses 2 byte Midi value (14bit) so you could use the hi byte for the first message and the low byte for the second.

So for CC1,0 then CC1,127 for on the on value should be 127 which 14bit Midi is 0 127

For CC1,127 then CC1,1 for off the off value should be 127 1 which 14bit Midi is 127 1 or in 14 bit Hex is $7F $01, but to program these numbers you need to use 16 bit values so this value is $3F81 or decimal 16257 (the on value is just 127)

Is you head hurting yet?

Post a message of the EXACT messages you need and I'll try to help.

All the best


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Thank You Royce, I decided in the end to not use the plugin as I felt I shouldn't need to fix a plugin's poor implementation of a control mechanism, plus, I felt there'd be too much conversions to 16bit, then hex, and it wasn't just for a couple of encoders either! I really appreciate your insight here. In this age of Facebook and twitter, It's so nice to have these types of forums where people can get quality answers. Thanks again.