Connecting BCR2000 to Cubase 5

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Connecting BCR2000 to Cubase 5

Hello all,

I just purchased a BCR2000 and had it working with Cubase, but names in the Generic Remote got out of sorts and I wanted to reset it to its initial value so I could start over.  Couldn’t do it, even if I deleted the Generic Remote and added a new one.  Someone somewhere recommend Mountain Utilities.    I saw the Transmit function and thought maybe that would remedy the problem.   Now I can’t connect the BCR2000 with Cubase, no MIDI is going through.  

Does anyone know how to set it up to talk to Cubase?

Thanks in advance,


Knob Twiddler (not verified)
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Does BC Manager recognice your BCR ?

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Yes it does, thanks for the reply!   I have figured out how to use the Generic Remote and how to inititialize the BCR.  

Knob Twiddler
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Good to hear Bob.