Change bank with buttons

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Change bank with buttons

Hi All

I'm sure I did this ages ago with a BCR2000, but cannot find any relevant information about that anymore.

There was a way of configuring a button to jump directly to a specific preset / page on the BCR2000. I guess this should also apply to the BCN44.

Thanks in advance

Mark van den Berg
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As BC MIDI Implementation.pdf section 23.5 explains, you can select the previous or next BCR2000 preset by pressing the PRESET < or > button respectively. Then, while you're keeping this button pressed, you can quickly select any preset by rotating any encoder. The same method works on the BCN44.
(As BCMI section 19.3 explains, there are three other ways to make a BCR switch to a preset, but these methods involve sending MIDI data to the BCR. So theoretically it is possible to make a BCR button output these messages, then loop them back to the BCR itself, but this is clumsy.)

A totally different issue is that each BCR preset contains four Encoder Groups (containing settings for the eight push encoders in the top row): you can select any Encoder Group by pressing the pertinent button in the Encoder Groups panel. But of course this doesn't apply to the BCN44.

Hope this helps,