can't edit preset 0

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can't edit preset 0


cfg : bcr2000 usb windows 2010 64

i can receive all my presets and send those i've edited, work with snapshot etc : so the midi in/out configuration seems to be OK.

when i want to "real time edit" the preset 0 and expect to see immediately the change on the BCR: nothing happens :

i've check the midi data send by BC Manager :when i change values in the editor no midi data are sent.

thanks for your help and your super software


Mark van den Berg
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BC Manager doesn't provide an actual 'real-time editing' facility for preset 0.
After editing one or more buttons/encoders/faders, you can send their new values to your BCF/BCR by executing MIDI -> Send from the menu of the Buttons/Encoders(/Faders) window, or by pressing the rightmost button (the green MIDI socket) on the toolbar. Note that you can select and send more than one row at the same time.
See the BC Manager manual, section 15, p. 74.

Hope this helps,

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this help a lot !
I've missed the "send selected row "button.

thanks for your fast response