Button Toggle Sysex Values like On/OFF?!

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Button Toggle Sysex Values like On/OFF?!

Hi! thx for this powerful software!

is it possible to assign 2 different values inside one message like an encoder or typical CC behaviour?!

or is it possible to toggle between different messages (like lines?!) to have ON/OFF on the same button?!

not able to find a solution...

thx!!! jacob

Mark van den Berg
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Hi Jacob,

If I understand your intentions correctly, the answer to all your questions is yes:

An element (button/encoder/fader) on the BCF/BCR2000 can be programmed via two protocols in BCL ("B-Control Language"): .easypar (on the "Standard output" tab in BC Manager's element dialog box) and .tx (on the "Custom output" tab).
In fact, both protocols can be used simultaneously for the same element.

If the element needs to output only one MIDI message, standard output is usually the simplest and best choice. For one thing, it has the advantage of "parameter feedback", i.e. the element's current value (position) will be updated according to any incoming MIDI message using the same MIDI channel and (e.g.) CC number; this is not the case for custom output definitions.

On the other hand, custom output allows you to output any sequence of (maximally 125) bytes, thus any sequence of MIDI messages.
See section 14.6 in BC MIDI Implementation.pdf for all the details.
For instance, you can have a button output totally different messages when it is switched on and off via the direction specifiers ifp and ifn (see section 14.6.4).

Hope this helps,

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hi mark! thx for the quick reply!

it did work...just put ipf or ipn in front of one sysex string in one line using the sysex edit function (edit as single text line)! had to get really deep into the midi implementation to find out that its that easy:) no external text editing etc.

Line 1 (button on): ifp $F0 $41 $32 $00 $10 $08 $F7

Line 2 (button off): ifp $F0 $41 $32 $00 $10 $00 $F7