BCR2000 Sysex - relative signed bit

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BCR2000 Sysex - relative signed bit

Hi all.

I hope so!done can help.

I am looking to purchase a midi controller, and whilst I have multiple uses for one, there is one particular task I desperately want it to acheive. I have an old sampler I would like it to control. The sampler has rotary encoders that respond to sysex.

Whilst I have dabbled with midi on and off for many years, it has generally been at a basic level and primarily CC's, so whilst I have been researching the subject, I apologise if I use poor terminology.

I have - with limitations I will explain - been able to effect control of the encoders in software, but this has been via (virtual) buttons. As much as I created buttons to increment in units of one, ten, and multiples thereof when holding down the buttons, this does not really cover my needs. This is because these encoders also control filters and other effects parameters that I would like to control in realtime. Not really practical with buttons, and hence (one it the) reasons I seek a comtroller.

I had been looking at the BCR and the Notation Zero. Annoyingly the Zero specifies exactly what I want in its 'relative' option BUT these options are explicitly excluded for the encoders and sysex. They work for CC's and encoders or pots and sysex but neither of these combinations are what I need (for this purpose).

If I can say 'simply', then I simply needed to be able to send one sysex message for a right tturn of the encoder, and another for a left turn. This being repetitions off the same message for each x number of turns in the selected direction. Referring to the variables in the sysex message only, this means one 'click' to the right would send (HEX) 41, thee clicks 41, 41, 41 etc. And four clicks to thee left 3F, 3F, 3F, 3F. Much the same as pressing a button that number of times, but with the flexibility that encoder input provides for real time tweaking.

I believe this may be called signed bit 2?

I have read a number of articles on the BCR. Obviously the Behrringer manual is light on sysex but independent documentation suggests much more flexibility. Sadly, I am either missing this specific requirement as it may be  hidden amongst things that are beyond me, or perhaps the BCR is not able to do this.

Could anyone please confirm one way or another. Many thanks.


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sory about the typo. dont seem to be able to edit.

so!done - should be someone.

Mark van den Berg
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The BCR2000 may indeed offer what you need.
See BC MIDI Implementation.pdf, available from the BCF2000/BCR2000 page at this site.
In particular you may want to take a look at the following sections:

  • 14.6.2:the change definitions. (I think you'll want to use "reloffs".)
  • 14.6.4: the direction specifiers: "ifp" and "ifn".
  • 14.6.5: the repeat facility: "ntimes".
  • 16.3: the "relative-2" mode for "standard" CC messages.

Hope this helps,

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This look very much like what I am after.. thanks very much indeed. (Though I have to confess it is nearly two in the morning here, and I struggle with more than basic midi at the best of times so I will have a study in the morning.

Thank you very very very much.