BCR2000 SysEx problems

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BCR2000 SysEx problems

I couldn'tĀ  find anything similar with a simple search, but if its an already known problem, please point me to the discussion and disregard the current post..

The problem I'm referring to, is that when I send a SysEx dump from my synth to the PC using the BCR2000, I get a stream with some bytes missing.
The bytes are missing by specific offsets and are always the same.
If I use any other MIDI interface, the dump is always correct.

This is an old standing bug that I recently found mentioned in this thread that I also uploaded some example files (one SysEx collected from the BCR and one collected by an EMU USB card) that I couldn't find a way to uploadĀ here.

@Mark van den Berg Maybe there is something that your wonderful BC Manager can address?
Any ideas for a solution?

Mark van den Berg
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This is a known problem.
In fact, when I became aware of it, it inspired me to create the SysEx test message facility in the "MIDI System messages" window in MIDI Tools and BC Manager.
Indeed, section 27 of the BC Manager manual (which discusses the MIDI System messages window) mentions this problem:

[S]ome devices handle SysEx messages beyond certain lengths incorrectly. (E.g. "our own" BCF2000 and BCR2000 make garbage of any SysEx message longer than 1019 bytes sent from/to their MIDI IN/OUT sockets via their USB connections.)

So this problem is a bug in the BCF/BCR2000's firmware.
If I remember correctly, someone complained about this to Behringer abt. 10 years ago, and their response was along the lines of "MIDI communication isn't a core facility of the BCF/R2000".

Embarrassingly, this bug also affects Behringer's own FCB1010 Foot Controller, whose settings are sent as one big SysEx message of 2352 bytes. This is why the FCB1010 Manager manual warns against sending this message to/from a computer via a BCF/R2000.

Maybe there is something that your wonderful BC Manager can address?
Any ideas for a solution?

There's nothing BC Manager can do about this.
The only solution would be to modify the BCF/R's firmware.

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Sorry for the delay (no notification for your answer from the thread.. :o)

So, we have no hope then..
I was thinking of maybe putting chunks of data to a temporary place and clearing the BCR's buffer so it will not cross the problematic threshold, but then again maybe this is something that its firmware should do and there is no way to do it from the PC.

Oh well.. There is always the "other" MIDI interface to use, so not a big deal...