Bcr2000 with Roland JD XI

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Bcr2000 with Roland JD XI

Hey there,

sorry total newbie here but is it possible to control the jd xi with the bcr?

i got two jdxi editors for mac and iPad which work perfectly and I can read all the aSex data from those but I on the know how to copy it to the bcr.

Or does anyone already made a template for the jdxi?


Mark van den Berg
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From the JD-Xi's MIDI Implementation document (available from the Roland website) it looks like the JD-Xi is fully controllable by a BCR2000 (or BCF2000 for that matter).
As usual for Roland devices, you can control the JD-Xi via two types of MIDI messages: (1) "simple" MIDI Control Change messages; (2) SysEx (System Exclusive) messages.
You probably want to try the Control Change messages first, but these only give you limited control over the JD-Xi.
So after a while you'll want to start using SysEx messages; these allow you to control every parameter on the JD-Xi.
BC Manager has a special facility for creating SysEx parameter definitions for BCR buttons/encoders; this can greatly simplify the process of creating BCR presets. See section 18 (in particular the Roland/BOSS subsection) of the BC Manager manual for further info.
I don't know if anybody has already written a BCR template for the JD-Xi; at least nobody has uploaded any to the B-Control user files section of this website yet, but feel free to do so yourself if you get that far smiley

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your quick Reply!

I got an Ipad controller called Patch Base for the JD-XI which is awesome and i hoped that could just "Copy" those parameters somehow with the BC Manager as i can input Monitor the sysex Data ("learn" on the BCR directly doesnt work, error code "Bad"), but i guess i have to dig deeper into that

There seems also to be a possibility to control it via NRPN messages but those are kind of hidden.

If i´ll succeed I will upload it here for sure! If anybody else has a BCR or Zero SL MK2 JD-XI Template for me I would be more than Thankfull as the JD-XI is an unbelivable deep Synth!