BCR2000--->Prophet 12--->BCR2000 Possible?

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BCR2000--->Prophet 12--->BCR2000 Possible?

Hi all, over a year ago I got my BCR2000 properly configured to send knob and button 14 bit NRPN codes to my Prophet12 Module and it still works great.  Thanks again for the help I got here especially from Mark in the BCR2000->Button->NRPN->Prophet 12 thread :-)  Anyway, I recently posted about the BCR2000 and Mountain's editor in the DSI Prophet12 forum as a great way to add real time controllers (and hopefully get you some new Prophet users :-) and someone asked a great question that I don't know the answer to.

Is it possible for the BCR2000 to update it's knob/button settings when the P12 changes patches?

I have set default values for all knobs/buttons that reflect the settings of a P12 initialized voice, but it never occurred to me how absolutely mind blowing it would be if the BCR2000 could reset those values to whatever patch the P12 loaded.  Since the BCR2000 pushes the value changes via NRPN it would have to receive the new values when a P12 patch change occurs so it seems the P12 would have to initiate the push in some way (SysEx?).  Another issue would be that I use 4 different BCR2000 presets to control the P12 so how would the BCR2000 know which presets to update, but that's putting the cart before the horse.  Anyway, is this patch change update to the BCR2000 even possible?



Mark van den Berg
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Hi Dennis,

To refresh my memory I followed the link you gave to the old thread, and reading your posts there I suddenly noticed that you used the term "sysex" in reference to NRPN messages several times.
However, the term "sysex" or "SysEx" should only be used to refer to MIDI System Exclusive messages, i.e. MIDI messages starting with F0 and ending with F7. NRPN messages aren't SysEx messages, but various types of Control Change messages, which in turn are a type of channel messages.

This has led me to wonder what you mean by "SysEx" in this new post.
This is highly relevant to your main question: since it's impossible to change a BCR button/encoder's value via a SysEx message, I originally was simply going to answer no.
However, if the Prophet 12 can output NRPN messages specifying the values of a newly selected patch (which is a very big if!), then it may indeed be possible to update the related BCR button/encoder values, but only for button/encoders using a "standard output" NRPN definition.

Concerning your subsidiary question:
The BCR does maintain the current values of the buttons/encoders of all 32 presets, but at any moment in time only the current values of the active preset are accessible.
So the correct preset has to be selected beforehand on the BCR.
And of course if you've distributed various parameters of a single P12 patch across multiple BCR presets, these BCR presets would have to be selected in turn before their respective parameters are updated. It would be a miracle if the P12 could do this.


Anonymous (not verified)
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Hi Mark,

  when I use the term SysEx I guess I really mean some magical way of transferring data from one MIDI device to another that I don't really understand the details of very well :-)  Seriously though, I do know after my BCR adventure last year that SysEx is different from NRPN.  That said, in researching the P12 manual it appears there are 2 ways to output data relating to the current patch, but it appears neither will do what I'd hoped and update the BCR knobs/buttons.  The 1st is called "MIDI Param Send" and allows the knobs/buttons on the P12 to transmit NRPN codes whenever they're changed.  Cool, and I imagine would update those BCR parameters of some controls, but clearly not the way to update the BCR with all parameters of a newly loaded patch.  The 2nd sounded more promising at first and consists of going into global mode and running "Dump Current Program".  Unfortunately, you cannot configure the command to dump NRPN, only SysEx and based on your earlier comment about not being able to update the BCR knobs/buttons via SysEx looks like an end to this noble quest.  Oh well, I still love my BCR2000->P12 team and use it frequently in designing new sounds :-)