BCR2000 not being recognized by BCManager?

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BCR2000 not being recognized by BCManager?


Midi ports are working and sysex librarian succesfully upload sysex files to bcr2000 but unfortunately bc manager doesnt recognize it?  Im on Mac osx 10.6.8 using motu microlite midi interface and even using sysex to upload the synthgraphics.com mopho files the bcr 2000 still doesnt work.  Did I buy a faulty unit?





Jamick (not verified)
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HI, I have same problem  - Win 8.1 32bit, oeditorfrom Behringer see it but BC Manager not..

Mark van den Berg
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Since you're on Windows, your problem is very likely not the same as the OP's problem.
Considering that Behringer's editor sees your BCF/BCR2000, so should BC Manager.
If not, it can only be a matter of configuring BC Manager correctly.
E.g. you might try switching on the BCF/BCR, then start BC Manager and execute "Restart with default setup" from the main window's File pull-down menu: upon restart, BC Manager should autodetect the device.

Mark van den Berg
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Have you read the tips in the BC Manager Manual, sections 4 and 6?
One important point is that BC Manager needs a bidirectional connection.

I haven't heard from other OS X users about this problem, but I've only tested BC Manager for OS X on Mavericks (10.9), so in theory there could be an incompatibility with 10.6.

Do the input and output ports of your BCR2000 show up in BC Manager's "MIDI devices" dialog box?