BCR2000 MC mode in cubase

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BCR2000 MC mode in cubase

Hi all!!

im trying to figure out how to make a BCR2000 work in MC mode (cause natively it doesnt) in cubase 9.

so, is BC manager capable of making BCR2000 work as a Mackie Controller?



Mark van den Berg
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Short answer: no.

Long answer:

BC Manager can configure tbe BCR2000 almost perfectly.
So the question "is BC Manager capable of making the BCR2000 work as a Mackie Controller?" amounts to the question whether the BCR2000 itself can be set up to emulate a Mackie Controller.
And the answer to that question is no:
When communication is being set up, the DAW asks "are you a Mackie?", and then the device has to answer "yes I am a Mackie".
A BCF2000 in its Mackie emulation modes can do this. (See BC MIDI Implementation.pdf, section 22.3.1.)
However, the BCR2000 doesn't have these modes, and therefore cannot do this. So the DAW will always conclude there is no Mackie, and that's the end of it.

Of course it would be possible to fool a DAW into thinking the BCR2000 is a Mackie by inserting a computer program in between, translating the Mackie messages bidirectionally. However, this would involve a complicated MIDI device setup, and probably wouldn't be worth the trouble, particularly since most DAWs offer "generic" communication with MIDI controllers like the BCR2000. If Cubase (which I hardly know) doesn't allow this, that's very disappointing.

A side point: I've never understood why Behringer did implement Mackie emulation modes in the BCF but not in the BCR: since the BCR has more controls than the BCF (24 encoders instead of 8 faders), there's absolutely no reason why this couldn't work.


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Hi!! thanks for the explanation!!

I wanted to use the bcr in mackie mode just for plugins use.

I dont understand why only bcf has mackie mode...

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In effect the BCR2000 cannot run as a Mackie Control. But you can emulate it with a software in your computer. If you have a Mac you can use LC-XMU for this purpose. You can see it at:


I use it and run fine. If you have a Windows machine, I don´t know if there are a similar software, I think it's very probable, but i don´t know.

Best Regards


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Im in windows but i´ll investigate if there´s something similar on windows