BCR2000 ignores NoteOff feedback messages that should turn buttons off

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BCR2000 ignores NoteOff feedback messages that should turn buttons off


this issue is not related to the BC Manager, only to the BCR2000, but I hope you forgive me for posting here (I don't know where else to find experts about the BCR :)

My situation is: I configured all the buttons on the BCR like this:

$button {}
  .easypar NOTE 1 {} 127 toggleoff
  .showvalue off
  .default 0

I generated the bcr file with a script so the braces are substituted with values so that all buttons correspond to increasing pitches in left to right, top to bottom reading order. All on the first midi channel. The encoder buttons start at 0, so the first button with a LED starts at pitch 8:

$button 33
  .easypar NOTE 1 8 127 toggleoff
  .showvalue off
  .default 0

When I (or my software) sends NoteOn messages that correspond to the pitch of a button, it turns the LED on, great so far.

But the problem is: When my software sends NoteOff messages to turn the LED of the button off, the BCR seems to ignore the NoteOff message and keeps the LED on. (All LED buttons behave like this Btw, setting encoder values via CC works correctly.).

Has anyone else experienced this? Or do you have an idea for a solution?

I'd be very grateful for a solution to this. If I can't get this to work, the BCR isn't suitable for the purpose I bought it for :/

Mark van den Berg
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In general, there are two types of MIDI channel message that can turn a note off:

  • Note Off message: $8c Note Velocity
  • Note On message with velocity 0: $9c Note 0

(Of course c is the MIDI channel minus 1 here.)

As discussed in section 15.5 of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf, a B-Control outputs a Note On message with velocity 0 to indicate "note off". (With "toggleoff" this happens when you release the button, with "toggleon" when you press the button the second time.)
The same goes for messages sent to the button: it only responds to Note On messages with velocity 0. I've just verified this with BC Manager's MIDI keyboard window: if "Velocity options" -> "Switch notes off" is set to "Note Off", the button's LED does not go out when I release the virtual key, if it is set to "Note On with Velocity 0" the LED does go out.

Hope this helps,

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Ah thanks, I just tested it myself.

It seems that when a NoteOn with velocity less than 64 is received, it turns the button off, whereas velocity 64 and above turns it on.

Weird but I can work with that.

Thanks! :)