BCR2000 and BC Manager displays from Cubase in MCU c4 mode

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BCR2000 and BC Manager displays from Cubase in MCU c4 mode

Bome Midi Translator is configured to route comunication between BCR2000 and Cubase 9.5 (via generic remote).
At the same time cubase is sending mackie data to BC Manager (via MT) to display DAW control parameters via BC Managers mackie monitors.

 1.   There are 4 display windows in BC Manager but currently all widows display the same info. How do i tell mackie protocol in Cubase to switch to display each encoder row in its own display? Would sending a mackie c4 device Id solve this?

 2.   Currently mackie control only displays cubase channel pan parameters. How do i tell mackie control in cubase to display Vst plugins parameters? The MCU units have button to engage vst mode!
3. What is the easiest most stable means to set encoders sensitivity such that the slower the rotation the higher its resolution (Bome or BC Manager)?


Thank you

Mark van den Berg
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Each of the four Mackie monitors in BC Manager picks up all the Mackie information messages from a particular MIDI input device (as set in the Options dialog box for the Mackie monitor).
So when all four Mackie monitors are assigned to the same MIDI input device, they will all show the same messages.
The only way to make different Mackie monitors show different messages, is to assign them to different MIDI input devices.
I doubt you'll be able to achieve this with Cubase, but I don't know Cubase.
Incidentally, if you're only using BC Manager for its four Mackie monitors, it might be easier to use the more light-weight MIDI Tools application: this also has these four Mackie monitors.

2. ?

BCR encoder sensitivity is determined by four "resolution" parameters.
One way to set these is via the "General" tab of BC Manager's encoder dialog box.
Also see section 17.3 in BC MIDI Implementation.pdf.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Mark,

do you know how the MCU C4 sends and receives encoder parameters for each of the four displays?

Mark van den Berg
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The short answer: no.

Around 2008/9, when I wanted to know about the BCF2000's Mackie emulation modes, I could find very little info on the MIDI I/O specs of Mackie devices. (And I doubt there's been much improvement since then - but who knows.)
So I ended up doing some limited reverse engineering of these emulation modes myself, and wrote down my findings in BC MIDI Implementation.pdf, section 22.3.1.
But I doubt this will be of any use to you.

Can't you monitor the MIDI output of the Mackie C4 or whichever device/application is emulating it (e.g. via MIDI Tools)?