BCR as a processor for hardcoded incremental only midi physical controller

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BCR as a processor for hardcoded incremental only midi physical controller

Hello dear forum,

I want to use my loved BCR as a midi processor to proccess 32x incremental midi cc in and send updated midi cc out.

Starting Question: Can I define an entity knob as cc that updates and sends its value upon receiving assigned different midi cc as incremental?

So BCR receives midi in hardcoded ch1 cc1 val1 that could be assigned to knob30 with ch10 cc7 val100

and BCR sends, without touching the pot, midi out ch10 cc7 val101

Is this possible? thanks!



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As far as I know the BC cannot do this.

You can easily do this with MidiOx.

Easy to program an Arduino to do this (you would need a Midi In and out shield as well).

Perhaps there is another way to get the result you want. What are you trying to do?

Stay well


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Hi Roice thanks for your answer, I have a Mackie Commander C4 that i want to plug to the BCR.

The facts (if im not wrong)
- C4 hardware alone is a open simple machine thats sends out 32x fixed midi incremental cc non standard messages.
- C4 receives cc midi for update the 11 leds of each ring. You have to compute this cc because of diferent ring led modes.
- C4 also has 4x twoline text screens you can write relatively easy by midi sysex (screen texts are not easy to program).

- BCR is a midi beast.
- BCR can have incremental buttons programmed.
- BCR can update a knob by midi in.
- BCR can send programmed sysex from a knob.

I want to plug the C4 to the BCR2000 and have C4 knobs updating 32 ccs "hidden" into BCR.
Then BCR updates the screens and leds of the C4 by sending sysex and cc.
So you have the 32 knobs layout of the C4 next to the 32 of the BCR, each with bidirectional leds.
Now the screens, you have two lines over each C4 pot: use upper line for the correspondent BCR pot. 

This way is easy to have 64x physical bidirectional knobs of two types, clicked and continous, with ring leds and 8 char text screen for each one for precise cc data. Personally i think a matrix of 16x4 labeled knobs is reasonable.

Standalone and midi standard using BCR USB port. Everything is programmed into BCR firmware using BCL, in just one preset file.

now im learning BCL about programming an entity that manages a C4 pot. 
Then some RPN midi also maybe

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Hi Royce

I didn't realise that MidiOX could do data re-mapping - thanks for the heads-up.