BCR Computer to Midi Out Issues

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BCR Computer to Midi Out Issues

I started using a BCR that I hadn't touched in a long time and I'm having issues sending output from the computer to the Midi Outs. I can get my DAW to output data to Midi Out A, but only in USB Mode 4. It seems that I should get output to Midi Out A also in USB modes 2 and 3 from the DAW, but it only sends directly to the BCR. Perhaps this is simply my misunderstanding the routing diagram in the manual. Thanks in advance to whomever sets me straight.

Mark van den Berg
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As the routing diagrams in the official BCF/BCR2000 manual (BCF2000_BCR2000_ENG_Rev_C.pdf) show, in U-4 MIDI OUT A can be reached from the computer via the same MIDI output device that controls the BCR itself, but in U-2 and U-3 MIDI OUT A has its own MIDI output device.
So you should act as follows:

  1. Terminate your DAW and any other running MIDI applications.
  2. On the BCR, enter Global Setup mode, select the U-mode of your choice, and exit Global Setup mode.
  3. Restart your DAW, and in its setup enable the MIDI output device related to MIDI OUT A. Then use this device to send data to.

Beware: unfortunately most MIDI device drivers for the BCR only attach numbers to their output devices, not the letters ("A", "B") of the actual MIDI OUT ports of the BCR. Thus, e.g. "BCR2000 port 2" could connect to MIDI OUT A in U-2 and U-3, but to MIDI OUT B/THRU in U-4. This can easily lead to confusion after a mode change.

Hope this helps,