BCR 2000 and KORG DW8000

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BCR 2000 and KORG DW8000



I bought a BCR2000 to control my DW 8000, I have downloaded the resource pack and supposed compatible preset from here < https://anlage-e.de/bcrpack-dw-8000/ > and go in the B-Controls panel of BC Manager and open the .syx file, which it does, but then no presets are shown loaded. I am a bit confused if the file is incorrect or I am doing something wrong. If any body can give me some help in integrating these two pieces of hardware, would be greatly appreciated!!




Mark van den Berg
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As indicated in the syx file in the resource pack (DW-8000_Ch1.syx), this file was created in BC Manager 2.4.0, so you should be able to open it in BC Manager (2.4.0 or later) directly without any problems.

And indeed, after I've opened this syx file in the B-Controls window (via File -> Open), the "Presets" window shows that 19 buttons and 41 encoders have been loaded into preset 0 (a.k.a. the temporary preset) and into memory preset 6.

So what's gone wrong for you?

Has the syx file been corrupted somehow?
(Tip: you can study the content of the syx file easily by converting it to a txt file via File -> Convert -> "Syx to text" in BC Manager's main window: you can open the resulting txt file in any text editor.)

One thing you should realize is that you can only open this syx file in BC Manager's B-Controls window when you've selected (highlighted) a BCR2000. If you try to load this syx file when a BCF2000 is selected, you get an error message: "Wrong model".

Another point: after you've opened the syx file in BC Manager, you still have to instruct BC Manager to send it to your BCR.

Hope this helps,

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I have a program you might be interested in.
It was written for the DW6000 (which I have ) and a BCR200 with a PC in the middle.
There also is a program for the DW8000 (which I don't have)