The BCN44 now has a separate forum

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Mark van den Berg
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The BCN44 now has a separate forum

I've split off the BCN44 from the B-Control forum: the BCN44 now has its own forum, so from now on the B-Control forum is only for the BCF2000 and BCR2000.

Please note:
By default, existing users are not subscribed to the new BCN44 forum.
So if you do wish to receive notification emails concerning the BCN44 forum, please open your account page and click the Subscriptions tab, then Categories, and make your choices.

Incidentally, I have moved the one topic in the B-Control forum dealing exclusively with the BCN44 to the BCN44 forum.
There's also a topic that's partially about the BCN44, but I've left that one in the B-Control forum.