BCN44 cannot write preset

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BCN44 cannot write preset

i see 'done' on controller but even if i store the preset the device doesnt load the new preset (global channel and device number configured properly)

any advice ?

Mark van den Berg
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First of all:
You write that the BCN displays "done" and that the global channel and device ID are correct.
Just to be absolutely certain about this:
The BCN shows "done" whenever it has received the data of the temporary preset ("preset 0"), provided the device ID matches.
However, confusingly "done" doesn't guarantee that the channel is correct; and if it isn't, the BCN doesn't actually accept the data.
So you should make absolutely sure that the BCN's channel matches BCN44 Manager's "Receive channel" (in the "MIDI options" dialog box).

Concerning your actual question, some explanation of the BCN's presets and how BCN44 Manager works with these may help:

The temporary preset ("preset 0") is in the BCN's volatile memory (RAM).
When BCN44 Manager uploads the temporary preset to the BCN, the new settings become active immediately; you should be able to verify this by turning the encoders and pressing the buttons, and capturing the MIDI messages in BCN44 Manager's "MIDI input messages" window.
However, the settings of the temporary preset aren't permanent:
- These settings are lost when you switch the BCN off.
- When you press a PRESET button on the BCN, the BCN switches to that memory preset: it copies the settings of that memory preset to the temporary preset, overwriting the old settings.

When BCN44 Manager uploads a memory preset to the BCN, the settings are stored automatically at the corresponding location in the BCN's non-volatile memory.
Note that the temporary preset is not affected when BCN44 Manager uploads a memory preset to the BCN: you will have to explicity select that memory preset afterwards (e.g. via the PRESET buttons) to make the BCN copy the memory preset data to the temporary preset.

So when you're working with BCN44 Manager, you never have to execute the "Storing received Single Preset Dumps" procedure (using the BCN's STORE button) described in section 2.1.3 of the BCN44's official manual: this procedure makes the BCN copy the temporary preset to a memory preset of your choice, but BCN44 Manager can overwrite every memory preset directly.
So if your phrase "even if i store the preset" means that you've uploaded preset 0 to the BCN, then pressed STORE on the BCN: this is not the optimal procedure when you're working with BCN44 Manager:

Hope this helps,