BCF2000 as X-TOUCH Compact with X AIR mixers, less the 9th fader!

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BCF2000 as X-TOUCH Compact with X AIR mixers, less the 9th fader!

As we, @C3HTech, work through use of a couple of BCF2000s on an XR12, an XR16, and a M32 one of the musicians in our congregation noted that they had seen an X-TOUCH Compact at a local venue used as a remote control surface. We looked into getting an X-TOUCH Compact, but didn't find the tools available to customize X-TOUCH line as a remote control surface. There are many programs for DJs - but even the high end X-TOUCH doesn't currently have good integration with the high end X32/M32 mixing consoles. In particular, there is no equivalent tool to BC Manager for the BCF2000. But I wish I had that 9th motorized fader dedicated to LR Mains!

We agree that like other digital mixer control surfaces, it is a high priority to have a dedicated fader for LR Main control that is preserved when changing control layers. So my quest is to create custom presets for a BCF2000 with the X AIR line of mixers that are more useful than the X TOUCH mappings. My first mapping is to keep the Mains LR on the 8th motorized fader while changing layers. The mapping for XR12 and XR16 is straightforward enough. It's going to get a bit stickier for the M32/X32 at our main church. The musician noted above wondered why we didn't just get an X-TOUCH, and asked him if he had US$500 to contribute or time to develop the integration tools? (No, he didn't...) We have accquired two BCF2000s for under US$250 and have more flexibility in setting them up as well. That wouldn't have been enough to get even one X-TOUCH Compact.  

We'll contribute a configuration file here once we get a good mapping to the X AIR series of mixers. Thanks to Mark van den Berg for supporting the B Control platform with excellent utilities and consulting advice here in the Mountain Utlities forums!


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You can use OsiMIDI Stage software to control XR12 with BCF2000 through the LAN. The connection between PC and XR12 is via Ethernet cable or WIFI, the BCF2000 connects to a USB port of the PC.

This software controls XR12 (or XR16, X18, XR18) via OSC commands.

With OsiMIDI Stage, right fader is always the master fader. You can even use more than one controller simultaneously to make a bigger surface.

You can get more info and download for free to try it in demo mode here: