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BCF2000 Offline

My BCF gets recognised by the BC Manager software, but is stated "offline" under the "personality" section. Under the "firmware" section it says nothing. What could be wrong? 
Another strange thing I discovered recently is that my BCF2000 gets recognised as a BCR2000 under midi input and output in both BC Manager and Ableton Live. The device itself is still stated as a BCF2000 though. Isn't that weird? 

Here is a screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22454829/Sk%C3%A6rmbillede%202016-11...

Mark van den Berg
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Offline means that BC Manager cannot find the BCF or BCR at the defined MIDI input and output ports.
By definition, if the Personality column says Offline, the Firmware column is empty, because the value in this column is to be retrieved "live" from the BCF/BCR.

On Windows (at least 7), the BCF and BCR's I/O ports sometimes "suddenly" get different names, which may cause these problems.
However, I'm not familiar enough with OS X's MIDI port handling to say categorically what has gone wrong in your situation.

In any case, you should look into the following issues:

1. For a BCF: make sure it is in the Emulation Mode you want it to be in: standard B-Control mode, Mackie mode etc.

2. Make sure the BCF/BCR is in the desired Operating Mode: U-1 is usually the best choice for connection troubleshooting, because it avoids the multiple inputs and outputs of the other U modes.

3. Make sure the BCF/R's input and output ports have been enabled in BC Manager's 'MIDI devices' dialog box, accessible from the main window's Options pull-down menu.

4. In the 'MIDI options' dialog box (accessible from the MIDI pull-down menu in the B-Controls window), make sure the correct input port, output port and Device number are selected. The Device number must be identical to the "Id" number set on the BCF/R itself via the 5th push encoder in Global Setup mode. (You enter Global Setup ('EG') mode via EDIT+STORE; don't forget to EXIT it again!)

5. Run "Refresh connection status" from the MIDI pull-down menu in the B-Controls window. (This command is only available when the selected input and output ports are enabled.) This should make the Personality column say "B-Control" (except for a BCF in an emulation mode, of course) and the Firmware column "BCF2000 1.10" or "BCR2000 1.10", and then you should be in business.

Running "Detect B-Controls" may sometimes help too.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot for your answer Mark! Just nedded to chance the Operating Mode from 3 to 1.