BCF2000 doesn't receive all of the preset on send

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BCF2000 doesn't receive all of the preset on send

Hi, I'm having a problem sending the preset to my BCF2000 - I send the preset then check to test an encoder and it's the same as before. I tried sending a fresh "init" patch to it and it picks that up fine but not much more.


How should I go about troubleshooting this?

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More info about the issue..

If I send an init patch it receives it but the faders stay assigned to the previous MIDI assignments.

If I send a patch with new encoder assignements - at first it picks them up and I see the new light assignments come up on the encoders (bar / spread, etc) but as it receives the rest of the SysEx they get overwritten and go blank again.

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BCF2000 Global settings
Op Mode:            U-4
Global RX Chan:        Off
Footswitch:            Auto
Start-Preset        32
Device ID:            1
SysEx Dump            Sngl
-                    -
MIDI Data Interval    20ms (Have just tested it wiht no change of results at 100ms)

Mark van den Berg
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First question: which computer program are you using to send the preset?
And if it's BC Manager, which command from which window are you using?
And which preset are you sending? (It matters greatly whether you're working with the temporary preset ("preset 0") or a memory preset. See e.g. question 8 in the FAQ section of the BC Manager manual.)

The "MIDI communication" subsection of the FAQ section of the manual addresses some of the most common pitfalls concerning sending presets. In particular questions 32 and 40-42 might be relevant to your problem.
The tutorial on working with presets (section 7) might help as well.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Mark thanks for replying,

I am using BC Manager but have also tried a few other old ones just to see if I could get anything to send a full preset to it with no luck.

After testing with preset 0 this seems to work fine but I'm sure it used to send presets fine when I would send the preset from the preset slot in BC Manager.

Will go and have a read through the manual.