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BCF Manager - x32 Control

Hey all, 

as I just bought a used BCF2000 a couple of days ago, I'd like to know if there is any way I can change the commands given via BCF2000 in Mackie Control Mode connected to an x32 using the BCF Manager. I would really like to change some settings etc., however I'm not entirely sure HOW to do this. 


Looking forward to any piece of advice. 


Cheers from Germany



Mark van den Berg
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Hi Seb,

Unfortunately, in Mackie Control mode the BCF2000 cannot be customized in any way, and there is nothing BC Manager can do about this.

So you will have to find some other way to do what you want.

Theoretically you could use/write some computer program "in between" that translates Mackie Control commands.
But this is complicated, and (obviously) requires a computer in between, which may be impractical in your situation.

Alternatively, you could put the BCF in its standard "B-Control" mode, then create one or more presets containing the proper Mackie Control commands.
However, this is also complicated and has severe limitations.
The BCF's ".tx" command syntax (cf. BC Manager's "custom output" tab) is very rich (see my "BC MIDI Implementation.pdf" for details), so it may allow you to create Mackie Control commands.
However, the BCF's buttons/encoders/faders only respond to incoming MIDI channel messages defined via their ".easypar" ("standard output") definitions.
".tx" definitions do not listen to incoming MIDI messages (let alone Mackie Control messages), so in effect ".tx" only works from the BCF to the other device, not from the other device to the BCF. (I don't know anything about your x32, so I can't say to which extent this is a problem.)
And of course the BCF in standard B-Control mode doesn't have the special features it has in its Mackie modes, such as the SHIFT key.

So all in all the picture seems pretty gloomy.