BCF and Quantum Sequencer?

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BCF and Quantum Sequencer?

Hello All, 

New to the world of B-Controllers and am looking for some help.  I am trying to get the BCF2000 (2 eventually) to interact with the iOS app "Quantum Sequencer" and was wondering if anyone here might have some insight into whether BC Manager might help me?

Quantum Sequencer is a step sequencer for music and can sequence other iOS apps and external MIDI devices like hardware synthesizers etc, and supports automation via CC and NRPN.  My hope is to be able to use the motorized faders from two BCF's to control the 16 virtual faders in Quantum (with updated parameter feedback for the motorized faders).  I currently own one BCF, the Quantum Sequencer software and the Apple Camera Kit (which allows USB MIDI connection between the two).  

Currently both the BCF and Quantum Sequencer are receiving each others MIDI data.  However, I am not getting any automation either way.  I've tried various settings in the BCF's internal Edit mode for a single fader, but I don't understand which one of these settings assigns it to a virtual fader in Quantum?  I have asked in the Quantum forums if the virtual faders have individual CC numbers but I'm not even sure I'm asking the right questions at this point.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Mark van den Berg
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BC Manager can certainly help you set up your BCF. However, there's no iOS edition, so you'll have to set up your BCF via BC Manager from a computer running macOS or Windows.

That Quantum Sequencer page states "These are also midi learnable (midi cc or nrpn) to allow you to use control surfaces or midi controllers".
This suggests that you can simply set each BCF fader to a specific controller number (for Control Change messages), then enable QS's learn mode and move the BCF fader up/down to tell QS about it.

Each BCF fader has a parameter that you need to pay special attention to.
In BC Manager this parameter is called Sync: it has its own column in the Faders window and you can edit it via the General tab of the Fader dialog box.
The Sync parameter has three values: Motor, Move and Pickup.
The default value on the BCF itself is "Move": in this situation the fader does not respond to incoming MIDI CC messages, which may explain at least part of your problem.
So try changing Sync to Motor: then the fader does respond to incoming messages.
In the BCF the Sync parameter is under the 7th push encoder when editing a fader. (The order of the three values differs from BC Manager: "MoVE", "P-uP" and "Mot".)
Note that the Sync parameter is actually a combination of two internal parameters: ".motor" and ".override".
See sections 18.2 and 18.3 in my BC MIDI Implementation.pdf document for in-depth discussion of the effects of the various settings.

Hope this helps,

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HI Mark, 

I was able to get Quantum and the BCF to work together without needing to use BC Manager, however your reply was key to helping me get things working.  Particularly your suggestion to use Quantum's Learn function.  Once I located the Learn menu I was off to the races!  Thanks again for your help.