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BC Manager Window Size

Hello! I find this tool very useful and I am happy that it exists. I have had a problem with it; all of the windows appear to be undersized for some reason, cutting off text and some options. Has anyone else had this issue, or has a solution? Below is an example of what I'm seeing:


Thanks very much!

Mark van den Berg
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Thanks for reporting this!

These are scaling problems related to the fact that the screen resolution of your operating system is 120 DPI instead of the default 96 DPI.
So you could circumvent these problems by switching to the default 96 DPI setting.
But of course BC Manager should scale correctly under any screen setting.

Before BC Manager 4.0.0 I used the Delphi 2009 compiler to create BC Manager for Windows, and scaling to alternative DPI settings worked correctly.
But Delphi 2009 can't create 64-bit builds, so for BC Manager 4.0.0 I switched to the more recent Delphi 10, which can build 64-bit applications.
However, I've now discovered that Delphi 10 uses a different scaling method than Delphi 2009, which largely explains the problems you've reported.

I've managed to solve most of the scaling problems under Delphi 10, but not all yet: for instance, the icons on the toolbars don't scale, and there are some problems with listboxes.
I'm not sure if and when I'll be able to fix these problems, so as a temporary solution here are builds of BC Manager ("4.1.0 Alpha 1") compiled with Delphi XE7, the last version that still used the "old" scaling method:

One shortcoming of these builds is that at 120 DPI there is too little vertical space between menu items. This is a direct result of Delphi's old scaling method.


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Wow thanks a lot Mark! Works like a charm.