BC Manager restarts everytime under Catalina

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BC Manager restarts everytime under Catalina

I started to use the Beta under macOS 10.15.1, but at first it always restarted, saying that it has to work around this issue with the library. Then for some reason it started to work properly for some time. Now the behaviour appeared again. It is only occuring when the BCR is acually connected, when not, the program works with no problem, but I can not transfer presets obviously. I also cleared the midi environment in the Audio-Midi-Setup, but that did not help.    

Mark van den Berg
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Try BC Manager 4.1.0 Beta 2:

This version suppresses dialog boxes more rigorously during autorestart.

Please let me know whether this version fixes your problem.
If so, I'll make this version available via the regular download page. (And similar versions for my other macOS applications: MIDI Tools, A-880 Manager and FCB1010 Manager.)

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Great. It's working flawless now. Thank you so very much for the support.

Three minor things just fyi. Drag & drop with ctrl in the Layout Window isn't there anymore and it is no longer possible to close the custom output line edit window via enter key, that was very handy while editing via keyboard. The transfer of single Presets is now much slower than before, no problem, but I was just wondering why.

Again. Thank you very much!

Mark van den Berg
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Thanks for reporting back!

I'm glad to hear that the application no longer autorestarts infinitely. (The autorestart is still a horrible workaround though, so the application will remain in beta until the underlying bug has been fixed, so that the workaround is no longer necessary.)

Anyway, the Beta 2 can now be downloaded from the official BC Manager download page. Similarly, new Betas of the other three macOS applications can be downloaded from their respective download pages.

Your other three problems:

I can confirm that drag & drop doesn't work any more, not even in macOS versions before Catalina. So this is definitely a Cocoa-related bug.

On the other hand, the Enter key still seems to work fine in pre-Catalina macOS versions, so this must be a "Cocoa plus Catalina" problem.

Catalina's enforcement of 64-bit Cocoa has led to frenetic (and frankly: chaotic) bug fixing in Lazarus (the programming language and user interface behind all my macOS applications), so we'll just have to wait until the Lazarus developers have fixed these user interface bugs.

The MIDI transfer speed of presets is a different matter.
I did have to make some changes to my MIDI I/O routines to make my applications work in Cocoa, but I wasn't aware that speed had gone down.
I haven't had time to test whether this also occurs in pre-Catalina macOS versions.
So if anyone can shed more light on this, do let me know.

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Hi Mark.

Bells rang when I read of MacOS Catalina woes here. Have been using Teensys to build Midi controllers etc. and issues haved emerged on PJRC's forum with Catalina and Arduino IDE and Teensyduino installs. Here's a link to the forum thread:


Post# 46 may shed some light here. Is not an issue here as use Windoze. Hope this is helpful.


Mark van den Berg
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Hi PatMaximum,

Yes, Catalina has led to lots of problems for software developers and end users.

One of these issues is installation and authorization, which is what the forum thread you mentioned seems to be about.
But I'm not sure to what extent my macOS applications suffer from this, apart from some question like "are you sure you want to install this unsigned application?" during installation. At least I haven't received any complaints about this yet from macOS users (see this topic about digital signatures in Windows).

However, the issues Hobi has raised here concern potential bugs in my applications themselves.
These issues are caused by another feature of Catalina: it has ditched the 32-bit Carbon interface and can only run 64-bit Cocoa applications. Since my four macOS applications used Carbon, I've had to convert them to Cocoa. However, the 64-bit Cocoa support routines in Lazarus (the language in which my macOS applications are written) still contain quite a few nasty bugs, among which (presumably) most of the ones Hobi has found. At this stage the best thing to do seems just to wait until the Lazarus developers have fixed these bugs, hopefully in a few months' time.
But as I mentioned in my previous comment, if there's a Catalina- and/or Cocoa-related problem with the speed of MIDI communication, that problem isn't related to any visual aspect of Cocoa/Lazarus, so I would probably have to look into it myself.


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I want to use my old BCR2000 under macOS Catalina but I couldn't find the link to the new beta2, neither here nor at the download page. Am I missing somewhat?

Thank you in advance, Ralf

Mark van den Berg
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I couldn't find the link to the new beta2, neither here nor at the download page.

Thanks for pointing this out!

The person responsible for maintaining my website had forgotten to add the link to the Beta 2 on the download page.
Even though the guy was unpaid and I've known him all my life, I've fired him for his unforgivable negligence blush.