BC Manager 4.0.1 for Windows available now

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Mark van den Berg
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BC Manager 4.0.1 for Windows available now

As announced in this newsletter, the release version of BC Manager 4.0.1 for Windows can now be downloaded from the BC Manager page at this site.

This version fixes a bug that caused three annoying error messages upon each start of BC Manager on Windows systems where the decimal separator wasn't a decimal point but e.g. a comma.
Additionally, this version contains a tiny improvement in the 'Compare preset names' dialog box, and there are several additions to the manual, most notably a brand-new section about the MIDI controllers window.

Please report any problem as a new topic in this forum.

Note that there is no macOS edition of BC Manager 4.0.1, since the bug that prompted 4.0.1 for Windows doesn't exist on macOS.