BC Manager 4.0.0 Beta 1 available now

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Mark van den Berg
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BC Manager 4.0.0 Beta 1 available now

Hi everyone,

It's taken "a while", but the first public beta of BC Manager 4.0.0 is finally out, for both macOS and Windows.
The packages can be downloaded from the BC Manager page at this site.

New on Windows is that the installer automatically installs the edition of BCMan.exe that corresponds with the number of bits of the operating system: the 32-bit edition of BCMan.exe on 32-bit Windows, the 64-bit edition on 64-bit Windows.
Furthermore, portable 32- and 64-bit editions are available for Windows.

BC Manager itself has two main new features: you can print full-color overlays, and the BCL editor uses syntax highlighting.
Apart from that, there are numerous improvements to the user interface, and some bug fixes.

Incidentally, all editions also contain a new version of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf. (This new version can also be downloaded separately from https://mountainutilities.eu/bc2000.)

If all goes according to plan, I'll release a Release Candidate version in about three weeks, and the final release version of 4.0.0 two weeks after that.

Please report any problem in a comment to this forum topic.


P.S.: If you've worked with BC Manager 3.2.0 Alpha 2 (see this topic), you may be interested in the many changes to the BCL editor since then:

  • The menu item Load => "Selected presets" no longer appends preset 0. The new menu item "Selected presets and 0" does.
  • The syntax-highlighted BCL code can be exported to HTML, RTF and TeX files.
  • The syntax-highlighted BCL code can be copied to the Windows clipboard in HTML, RTF and TeX format.
  • To avoid confusion with the BCF/BCR2000's presets, the color/style "presets" for syntax highlighting have been renamed to "schemes".
  • "Orange" and "B-Control" have been added to the color drop-down boxes in the BCL editor options dialog box. ("B-Control" is the same kind of blue used as the default background of BC Manager's layout windows.)
  • Elements with a background color of "None" no longer default to the background of the "Space" element, but to the new, customizable "Default" background.
  • The syntax highlighter's default background color is no longer erroneously applied if syntax highlighting is switched off.
  • The Predefined color schemes no longer use white on red for invalid text, since this led to invisibility upon export to HTML (etc.) because the background color got dropped.
  • The syntax highlighting scheme can be overridden locally.
  • The syntax highlighter is case-sensitive, as it should be. So e.g. "$PRESET" is no longer considered a section identifier, but an "unknown" identifier.
  • The syntax highlighter no longer considers an isolated "-" (i.e. without any following digits) a valid number.
  • Auto-indent can be turned off (globally and locally).
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the printing funtion sounds awesome. will check that out!  thanks.