BC Manager 3.2.0 Alpha 2 now available

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Mark van den Berg
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BC Manager 3.2.0 Alpha 2 now available

The executable of BC Manager 3.2.0 Alpha 2 (Windows edition) is now available via this link.

To install:

  1. Extract the exe file from the zip file.
  2. Copy the exe file to the directory of your current BCMan.exe. Normally this directory is "C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\Mountain Utilities\BC Manager", so on Vista and later you'll need administrator rights to perform this and the next two steps.
  3. Rename your existing BCMan.exe to something else.
  4. Rename the new exe file to BCMan.exe.

This version features syntax highlighting in the BCL editor.
So if you're into writing or studying BCL, you're in for a treat. Otherwise you probably shouldn't bother downloading this version.

Some explanation of the new syntax highlighting feature:

  • As before, each BCF/BCR context has its own BCL editor, which can be opened from the View pull-down menu in the B-Controls window.
  • In a BCL editor, each of nine language element types is now shown in its own color and style (bold/italic/underline): dollar statements, dot statements, parameter constants, decimal and hexadecimal numbers etc.
  • The syntax highlighter does not perform a full syntactic check. So for instance it won't warn you when a ".easypar" statement contains an invalid number of parameters. However, it does assign the type "unknown" to any character sequence that doesn't constitute a valid BCL identifier, so you will be able to see any typos instantly.
  • You can customize the BCL element type colors and styles via the BCL editor options dialog box, accessible via the main window's Options pull-down menu.
  • The BCL editor options dialog box also offers four syntax highlighting presets: two having a black background, two a white background. The only difference between the two blacks and between the two whites is the way "unknown" elements are displayed: when you're reviewing a script, you may prefer the preset that assigns a red background to unknown elements; when you're writing a script, you may prefer the preset that only underlines your partial identifiers as you type them.

The BCL editor options dialog box also allows you to control various other aspects of the BCL editors:
Via the Font tab you can customize the font's name and size.
And via the View tab you can decide

  • whether or not the editor's "gutter" is shown. This gutter displays the locations of the bookmarks you've defined via Ctrl+Shift+Number (you can move to these bookmarks via Ctrl+Number).
  • whether the gutter also displays the message indexes of the BCL lines. (To clear up a potential source of confusion: the message index of the first line is determined by the value of "Index of 1st message" at the top of each BCL editor, by default 0. By contrast, the cursor position indicated in the status bar at the bottom calls the first line "1".)
  • whether syntax highlighting is actually used.
  • whether word wrapping is on or off.

These four "global" checkboxes have "local" counterparts in the View pull-down menu of each BCL editor. Thus, you can override these global checkboxes for each particular editor. However, these overrides are lost upon termination of BC Manager.

Please use this thread for any questions/comments/suggestions concerning these new BCL editor features.

Incidentally, the Alpha 2 version features one tiny change to the SysEx ini file support for Fractal Audio as introduced in the 3.2.0 Alpha 1 version (discussed in this thread): the DevicePosition line should no longer be "DevicePosition=None", but simply "DevicePosition=".

I've started working on several other new BC Manager features, but I don't know if and when these will see the light of day.
Depending on how things go, the next official version of BC Manager will be either 3.2.0 or 4.0.0, but as yet I have no idea when this will be released.


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Hi Mark

Love the highlighting and the key word error checking. It works a treat.

All the best