B- Control and BCR/ BCF Connection Diffculties

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B- Control and BCR/ BCF Connection Diffculties

Hello, my name is Oscar Cordova.

I am very grateful to have come across this software package from you as Behringer's support is useless on this situation. I downloaded the software and installed on a Mac and a PC on Windows 7Pro (64 Bit). I read through the manual with instructions for Windows drivers and installed recommended versions. I think I am following all the steps correctly to connect to a BCR2000 but still can't get to unit to get online. I assigned the correct MIDI device in the options, deselect devices not needed and still can't connect. I tried the BCR in USB and Stand-alone mode with a USB to MIDI interface with the same results.

When I click on "Refresh Connection Status" in the software I get the pop-up window with a status bar, it crawls to 100% and displays "No Response from B-Control". The software displays "offline", yet when I turn encoders on the BCR unit the MIDI Input Meters show activity in CH 1. These results are the same in PC and in Mac.

Is there a step that I might be missing here? I read through the manual a few times and can't seem to figure out if I am skipping a step. On the Mac side, Audio MIDI Setup shows the Generic USB interface when in Standalone, and the BCR when in USB mode. When in Windows, the BCR shows up under "Sound & Video Game Controllers" when in USB mode.

I'd really like to be able to make this work on my newer computers, Ihave been keeping around an old Lennovo Laptop with XP on it exclusively to program the units with the Behringer software but it recently had the\screen burn out so I can't use it anymore.

I appreciate your help ahead of time.

Mark van den Berg
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Try this (personally I'd use Windows, but I can't immediately think of a reason why it shouldn't work the same in OS X):

  1. With BC Manager not running, connect the BCR directly to a USB2 port on the computer via its USB cable.
  2. Switch the BCR on.
  3. Prress EDIT + STORE: the display should say "EG". Then press encoder 1: if the display does not say "u-1", turn encoder 1 counter-clockwise until it does. Finally press EXIT. The green LED below "USB MODE" should automatically switch on.
  4. Start BC Manager.
  5. From the main window's File pull-down menu, execute "Restart with default setup". Answer Yes to the question "Do you want to restart ..."
  6. BC Manager should restart. Answer Yes to the question "Do you want BC Manager to detect your connected B-Controls now?"
  7. A window called "Detect B-Controls" should pop up, and after a second or two your BCR should be detected ("B-Controls detected: 1"). Press OK.
  8. The B-Controls window should list your BCR2000, with the Personality column saying "B-Control".

If the above doesn't work:
You write that you do receive input from the BCR when you turn encoders. However, BC Manager needs a bidirectional connection, so you may want to verify that these encoders also respond when you send data to them (e.g. from BC Manager's "(MIDI) Controllers" window.

Hope this helps,

crony (not verified)
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That defenetly helped ! Thanks !