Anyone using BCR2000 with JX-3P Kiwi

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Anyone using BCR2000 with JX-3P Kiwi

I am new to BCR, but I think I got the hang of it for the most part. Its such an amazing piece of midi gear and so versatile and thanks to Mark for creating this great and useful utility to edit it. 

With that said, I am using my BCR with my newly modded JX-3P Kiwi. I was able to load and edit the SysEx file, and my BCR is controlling all of the perametes for my JX-3P as it should. There is just one thing I am not sure about and I'm not even sure if this questions is this for this forum but I thought id give it a shot.

So when I change the Bank and Tone on my JX-3P, the BCR parameters dont change, it would be really nice is the BCR Parameters changed. I am not sure if this is some kind of BCR global setting to receive midi data change or JX-3P global change to send data.

Anyways I thought I'd ask cause I'm sure anyone using it the way I am planning on it would be very beneficial.



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The BC will change its encoder or button value only if the value is placed in certain Midi messages (CC for example) and the BC is programmed to output this CC message.

When you change patch some synths will, at least, output a patch change message, but not the patch sysex data.

I have PC between the synth and the BCR and when it gets a PC message from the synth it requests the sysex from the synth, unpacks the data and converts it to the correct CC messages and sends them to the BCR.

You could use a Arduino (perhaps the Teensy as it already has the code for multiple Midi Interface) instead of a PC to make it stand alone.

Here is a couple of examples from my website.

All the best