anyone can upload the real Alesis SR-16 file?

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anyone can upload the real Alesis SR-16 file?

Hi there

I downloaded BCR2000 Alesis SR-16.bc2 from "B-Control user files"
but it's a file for roland r8m

can anyone upload the real Alesis SR-16 file

thanks a lot!

Mark van den Berg
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First of all: since this topic is about the BCR2000, I've moved it from the "General discussion" forum to the B-Control forum.

can anyone upload the real Alesis SR-16 file

Obviously the prime candidate for "anyone" is the person who uploaded the (wrong) file.

Unfortunately the software behind the "user files" sections of this website doesn't register which user has uploaded a particular file.
However, the (wrong) Alesis SR-16 file itself specifies "J.D. Haight" as the author of all the (R-8M) presets, and so does the other file in the same folder, "BCR2000 Alesis QS8.bc2".
So it's safe to assume that these files were uploaded (in Sept. 2018) by J.D. Haight him/herself: there is indeed a user with this name, registered at exactly that time.
However, unfortunately I've had to suspend this user's forum subscriptions at some time in the last two years, because the subscription emails sent by my website kept bouncing.
But I still have this user's email address, so if you wish, I can send it to you privately so that you can try to contact him/her directly.
If you're lucky, this email address still exists and your email will not bounce...


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send me his email address pls and thanks a lot
sorry my english is not good enough