2x BCF2000's how to?

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2x BCF2000's how to?

Hi there,

How do you connect 2x BCF2000's and let them act as FADER 01 > 16 or up?

I looked everywhere I have been searching for months if not half a year.

Okay I finally got to it that you need to edit the faders on the second or third device, but HOW and mainly what do I need to put in the parameters and where?

This is all to unclear to persons like me, and I rather would like to see an online tutorial if not an how to video!?

PLEASE HELP, I am really stuck!


Greetings, from the Netherlands,



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Hi, first have a look at page 10 of the manual.

It shows one BC in Mode U4 (unit 1) connected to the computer - hence a USB mode U4.
The other Unit is in S3. Ignore the fact that one is a BCR and the other is a BCF.
I have 3 BCRs in S3 and a BCF in U4 connected to my laptop.

To set the Midi Mode press and hold EDIT then press STORE, the button above EDIT.
It will display EG for "Edit Global".
Twist the top left encoder (encoder 1) and you can see it going through u-1 to u-4 then S-1 to S-4 .
Press EXIT to set the Global value and the machine reboots.
If you had some midi software open then it will loose connection to the BCF.
You need to close and restart the software

There are a couple of ways to set the BCs up.
To start, i would want all the controls to output different Continuous Controller (CC) messages.
There are 128 different CC types on each of Midis 16 channels (128 x 16 should be enough even for 2 BCFs)

Press and hold the EDIT button on Unit 1 and twist the top left encoder.
E 1 will appear in the display Let go of the edit button (its stays on to show it is in edit mode) and
use the 8 top encoders to set the encoder up.

Look at the table on page 14 of the manual for CC (they call it Control Change - close enough).
You can see number 1 to 8 on the top of the table.
These are the top row of encoders that will program the Midi messages that are output when you twist the encoder.
E1 will select the type of Midi message - you want CC
E2 selects the Midi channel - lets say Channel 1 (can be 1 to 16)
E3 will select the type of CC - whatever you like, but I would do it sequentially so you don't double up.
E4 is the Minimum vale - select 0
E5 is the Max vale - select 127
E6 is the Mode - just set it to Absolute
E7 is just how the ring of LEDs will display - just select 1dot
E8 turns the display - the output value will be shown in the display on the top right.

When you are done, press the EXIT button.

This programming will stay till you turn off the BC or change the patch with the buttons, so press STORE once
and the use the to select a preset to save it to.
Press the STORE again and it will save it in the preset you have selected - overwriting what was there.

You need to do this for all the encoders, faders and buttons
OR Grab Mark's editor and do it in a computer
OR find a preset that has already been programmed and load it in via Midi.

On the the second BCF you need to set it up the same, but the controls have to be either
on a different channel and the same CCs
OR same channel but different CCs
OR different Channel and different CCs

Perhaps there is a patch you can load in.
Once you have done this most DAWs will LEARN what the message is when you move a control.
I'm not sure what software you are trying to set up, but it is likely this work has been done already.

Have a look here

or my web site has a CC patch for BCR2000 that might help

or ask on your DAWs forum

All the best

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I had Problems with the settings like in the manual. First to USB4 and other to Standalone Midi.

Here it works on Windows7, 2x BCF2000 Firmware 1.10,USB Mode 3 for both, Mackie Emulation, Behringer USB Driver, BCFView (2 Instances in different directories),Cubase 5 & Cubase 8, Sonar. Install 2 Mackie Remote Control in Cubase and you have 16 Channel groupwise.

The only annoying problem (which i still need to solve) that there is a driver bug in the midi-port-names. eq. 3-BCF2000à port 1,4-BCF2000È port 1.
The 10-character is always changing on driver-restart.(power on) which makes cubase always loose the connection. Does anyone have a solution?
(also posted as unique thread)
Irie Christmas!

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you also have to assign different ID's on the BCF2000 in global setup. descriped in eq https://kb.musictribe.com/musickb/view/article/behringer/en_US/BCONTROL-...