FCB1010-compatible MIDI interfaces

The memory data of the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller (containing preset settings etc.) can be communicated via a SysEx (MIDI System Exclusive) message:
When the FCB1010 is in Global Configuration mode, pressing switch 6 ("SYSEX SEND") makes the FCB1010 send its memory data, and pressing switch 7 ("SYSEX RCV") makes the FCB1010 wait for the reception of a SysEx message containing memory data.

However, a SysEx message containing the FCB1010's memory data consists of 2352 bytes, which is uncommonly long.
Many MIDI interfaces cannot transfer this long SysEx message correctly because their internal buffer is too small.
Consequently, the SysEx message ends up at the other end maimed, and the SYSEX SEND/RCV operation fails.

Below are lists of MIDI interfaces reported to be capable or incapable of transferring the FCB1010's SysEx message correctly.
Note that for a MIDI interface to appear in the "compatible" list, it must work correctly both from the FCB1010 ("SYSEX SEND") and to the FCB1010 ("SYSEX RCV").

If you have experience with a MIDI interface that isn't listed below, please post a comment in this topic in the FCB1010 forum reporting whether this MIDI interface can be used for the FCB1010's SYSEX SEND/RCV operations, so that it can be added below. You can also post a comment in the same topic if you think an interface is categorized incorrectly below.


Compatible MIDI interfaces
Manufacturer Device
M-Audio USB Uno
PreSonus Quantum 26x32
PreSonus Revelator io24
Radial Engineering Key-Largo
Roland UM-ONE-MK2 One in Two Out Midi Cable
TENINYU USB to MIDI Cable Converter 2 in 1


Incompatible MIDI interfaces
Manufacturer Device
Behringer BCF2000
Behringer BCR2000
ESI MIDIMATE eX (USB 2.0 MIDI Interface Cable with 2 I/O ports)
IK Multimedia AXE I/O ONE 1-Channel USB-C Audio Interface (firmware version 1.1.0)