The Behringer FCB1010 is a MIDI foot controller.

FCB1010 Manager is an editor for the FCB1010.
Its main features are:

  • Support for FCB1010 firmware versions 2.4 and 2.5.
  • No support for Ossandust's 'UnO' firmware. (This might change in the future - but don't hold your breath.)
  • Easy up/downloading of FCB1010 data.
  • A preset table with cut/paste facilities.
  • Allows preset and bank descriptions.
  • An integrated virtual FCB1010 emulating the real FCB1010's output behavior. Very useful for testing.
  • Various windows for MIDI input and output testing.

FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0 for OS X

This version has the same new features as FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0 for Windows (q.v.).

Additionally it contains a number of bug fixes specific to OS X. Most importantly:

  • Incoming MIDI System Exclusive messages are now processed correctly.
  • Non-SysEx messages coming in in quick succession are now processed correctly.
  • The menu bar now consistently shows the active window's pull-down menus. So if the active window doesn't have any pull-down menus, nothing is shown; previously in this situation, the pull-down menus of the previously active window would still be shown.
  • Selecting a bank in the Banks window or a preset in the Soft FCB1010 window no longer leads to a wrongly highlighted cell in a previously selected row in the preset table.

See section 2 of the manual for the full list of changes.

FCBMan2.0.0.dmg — Downloaded 2396 times

FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0 for Windows

This version is a major upgrade.

Its main new features are:

  • A manual.
  • You can switch between different setups for the program (including MIDI I/O device states). (This requires restarting the program.)
  • You can switch between different window layouts ('desktops'). (This does not require restarting the program.)
  • In the main window several menu items have received images and several buttons have been added to the toolbar.
  • In the presets window: improved SW 1 and 2 columns.
  • The interaction between CNT 1 and NOTE has been corrected in several respects.
  • The Soft FCB1010 window no longer outputs spurious Note On messages when Direct Select is on [not 'off' as the manual erroneously states].
  • New: the 'MIDI controllers window', in which you can receive and send Control Change messages.
  • New: the 'MIDI program changer window', from which you can send Program Change messages, optionally prefixed by Bank Select MSB/LSB messages.

See section 2 of the manual for the full list of changes.

FCBManSetup2.0.0.zip — Downloaded 2441 times

FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0 manual

This is the manual for both the OS X and Windows editions of FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0.

Note: The FCB1010 Manager installer contains this manual too and will install it automatically, so you don't need to download it separately here, unless you wish to read it before running the installer. So if you're just updating from a previous version, you can safely skip downloading the manual separately: just download and install the update to FCB1010 Manager, and you'll be able to read the automatically installed manual anyway.

FCBManManual2.0.0.pdf — Downloaded 3648 times
FCB1010 global configuration
FCB1010 preset table
FCB1010 preset
FCB1010 banks
Virtual FCB1010