Audio software

MIDI Tools - application providing various MIDI-related tools


Audio hardware

Some of the hardware editors listed below currently don't come with their own manuals. (Also see the Plans page.)
However, for common issues like MIDI setup you may refer to the manual for MIDI Tools.


BCF2000/BCR2000 - MIDI controllers; several info documents can be downloaded from this page

   BC Manager - advanced editor for the BCF/R2000

   B-Control user files - presets etc. for the BCF/R2000, contributed by users

   Using the BCF2000/BCR2000 with SONAR - In-depth discussion of many set-ups and an installation package for BCR2000 Control Surface

BCN44 - MIDI controller

FCB1010 - MIDI foot controller



GS-10 - guitar effects system; in-depth documentation on many aspects of the GS-10 can be download from this page

   GS-10 Manager - advanced editor/librarian for the GS-10

   GS-10 user files - patches etc. for the GS-10, contributed by users

GT-3 - multi-effect floorboard



A-880 - MIDI patcher/mixer

D-5 - LA synthesizer

R-8 - human rhythm composer



ProMix 01 - digital mixer

XG - synthesizer class


Music cognition

Mark van den Berg's PhD thesis

   DF - application implementing the Delta Framework



CSV Doctor - tool for correcting CSV files