The Roland D-5 was an LA (Linear Arithmetic) synthesizer. It appeared on the market in 1989. It was derived from the D-50, and was closely related to the D-10, D-20 and D-110.

ROM cards:
In the heyday of the Roland LA synthesizers, many companies published ROM cards for these synthesizers.
For copyright reasons the D-5 Manager package does not contain any ROM card data. However, if you are interested in the data from Roland's PN-D10-01/02/03 cards or the 'Analog' and 'New Age' cards in the (third-party) 'Studio Series', or if you possess any other cards, please send a message to the Mountain Utilities contact address.

D-5 Manager 1.2.3

In this version the user interface has been improved in several ways.

D5ManSetup1.2.3.zip — Downloaded 459 times
D-5 system area
D-5 patch
D-5 timbre
D-5 tone: common
D-5 tone: TVF envelope
D-5 rhythm setup
D-5 library