"Access denied"

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"Access denied"

Hi, thanks for a fantastic tool. I'v used it for couple of days when it suddenly stopped working.

The message is "Acces denied"

Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.

Press cancel to kill the program"


Whatever i press does not matter, the program does not start.  

I work on a Macbook pro mid 2009 MacOS 10.11.6





Mark van den Berg
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Hi Thomas,

This sounds as if the operating system is blocking access to a file the program wants to access, probably one of its configuration files.
I and a few other people have experienced similar problems with macOS: for instance, sometimes the operating system erroneously assigns a metadata tag to a file saying "this is a system file", thereafter refusing non-privileged programs access to this file.

FCB1010 Manager's configuration files are in the hidden folder "/users/UserName/.config/mountain_utilities/fcbman".
In comment #7 to https://mountainutilities.eu/forums/manager-fail I describe how to access this folder from Finder.
See comment #2 https://mountainutilities.eu/forums/problem-saving-presets-bc-manager-4-0 for troubleshooting this from a terminal window.

However, if you find no strange metadata for these files, you might want to look inside fcbman.ini itself to see if there's anything wrong with the entry "SetupFile".
And in fcbman.stp check "OpenDir" and "SaveDir".

For a quick fix, you could simply delete these configuration files, or even the whole fcbman folder (while FCB1010 Manager isn't running!): the next time you start the program, it will simply regenerate these files.
But of course then you might run into the same problem again later, so it's probably wise to establish the exact cause first.

Hope this helps,